Terms & Conditions

These General terms and conditions settle the relations between the Seller and Users (clients) who use the electronic shop Blackbetty.com for purchasing goods. By clicking on an object, a picture, a link (apart from the one to the General terms and conditions) or on a button placed on the Blackbetty.com website it is considered you accept and agree with the General terms and conditions as specified below. The present General terms and conditions are compliant with the requirements of the Consumers protection act (CPA), as well as with other relevant normative acts.


“SELLER” is the Internet site Blackbetty.com owned by Blackbetty Limited (St Brides's House, 10 Salisbury Square, London EC4Y 8EH, Company Number 10097334), serving as a virtual platform for offering goods for sale with whom the Consumer concludes a remote sale contract of a specific good via the electronic shop.

“CONSUMER” is a capable person who agreed to the present General terms and conditions in relation to requesting and purchasing goods offered on the electronic shop.

“ELECTRONIC SHOP” is the internet site Blackbetty.com, serving as a virtual platform for offering goods for sale and reaching an agreement between the SELLER and a CONSUMER for ordering and purchasing of a specific good.

Blackbetty Limited is the commercial company, creating and supporting the electronic shop, offering and selling goods in the shop and defining the present General terms and conditions under which the goods are sold. Blackbetty Limited is fully entitled to unilaterally change the content of the Internet site, as well as the means of accessing it.

“ORDER” is the purchase request made by a Consumer for one or more specific goods (products).

“SALE CONTRACT” is the remotely concluded contract via the present electronic shop for purchase and sale of a good between the Seller and the Consumer.

“COURIER” is a trader who physically delivers the purchased good to an address specified by the Consumer and who operates under the requirements of the Post services act.

“BROCHURE/NOTICE” are electronic information messages related to the goods sold in the electronic shop from time to time, which may be published on the Internet site or may be sent via email to the Consumer.


 2.1. Visiting and viewing the electronic shop Blackbetty.com is absolutely free and accessible.

2.2. A client’s registration with a password and email/username, email, phone number, and delivery address is needed for shopping from the electronic shop Blackbetty.com. Registration is entirely free and is done by filling in the registration form. A registered client has the opportunity to use all services of the shop.

2.3. The user has to come up with an email and password, and to provide personal details and delivery addresses.

2.4. Blackbetty Limited is a registered personal data administrator by the meaning of the Personal data protection act (PDPA) and is entitled to collect, process and use personal data of its Consumers in relation to the needs of the electronic shop, in the same time being obliged to keep these personal data secret, to not use them for other purposes nor to provide them to third parties.

2.5. In the electronic shop Blackbetty.com each good has a specified price, basic characteristics and additional information with the purpose of providing an assisted and informed choice for the product’s purchase. In addition to that, each page of a presented good gives the Consumers of Blackbetty.com the opportunity to give reviews and ratings related to the specific good.

2.6. All prices shown on the website are in GBP with VAT included.


3.1. In order to place an order via the electronic shop, the Consumer has to provide us with the following:
3.1.1. Their valid email address;
3.1.2. True address for delivery of the good and for invoicing;
3.1.3. Correct contact data – name, family name and phone number.

3.2. By placing an order on the website, the Consumer receives an order confirmation to the email address, including the order number and the date and time when the order was made.

3.3. Orders via the electronic shop Blackbetty.com are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3.4. Orders received without specific data of the purchaser (the Consumer) or missing data are cancelled as impossible to fulfil.

3.5. The Consumer can withdraw an order made without the necessity to point out the reason for the withdrawal.


4.1. After an order from a Consumer is placed on Blackbetty.com, the automated system of the electronic shop notifies the Consumer with an email.

4.2. Delivery is initiated only for successfully received orders.

4.4. The Seller uses the postal service for delivery of ordered goods.

4.5. Delivery is performed to an address specifically noted by the Consumer (regardless if being a residential or an office one.

4.6. Delivery prices are indicated on the page of each product.

4.8. If the Consumer does not provide access and conditions for delivering the goods on the specified address and during the agreed time, the Seller is redeemed from the obligation to fulfil the requested delivery.

4.9. Return address: 

Blackbetty Limited
PO Box 7294
DY11 9GE


5.1. Payment of ordered goods can be done in two ways – the amount to be paid does not vary and no additional charges for processing the payment are added, regardless of the payment method chosen.
5.1.1. By credit or debit card; 
5.1.2. By Pay Pal

5.2. The amount the consumer has to pay for each good is the price indicated in the online shop at the time of placing the order.


6.1. The Consumer is entitled to claims or returns of goods purchased from the electronic shop within a month after receiving the good.

6.2. In the case of recession from the contract, the Consumer is obliged to return the purchased good in undamaged commercial look and with preserved label.

6.3. In the case of recession from the contract, if the Consumer has paid for the good, the paid amount is fully refunded to the bank account (CC) or Pay Pal account, in terms of 30 (thirty) days from exercising the right of contract recession via email. Amounts shall not be refunded until the Consumer has returned the good. If the good has not been returned in the deadline as per the first sentence, the contract recession shall not produce any action.

6.4. The right of contract recession in cases when the good has been paid cannot be exercised for bathing suits, underwear, jewellery or watches.

6.5. A claim is made when the good purchased does not conform with the agreed between the parties to the sale contract. The unconformity with the agreed between the parties contract can be shown in: production defects of the good; Missing parts of the good; unconformity with the announced size; transport damage on the good.

6.6. Claims may be placed to Blackbetty Limited on the email  help@blackbetty.com and in the same time the Consumer has to return the good in a month term.

6.7. In case of a claim, the Consumer may choose a replacement of the specific article for the same without defects or another in a different size or colour, or a return of the good for refunding of the amount paid.

6.8. Return of the good in case of a claim in the cases different than a factory defect or transport damages is performed under the following conditions:

-  Preserved good commercial look (the good is not torn apart, scratched, worn, washed or ironed). 

- No damages due to improper use are present.

- Preserved original packaging and label.

6.9. A return of a good in case of a contract recession or a claim can be performed in the way and to the address shown on the good’s receipt with which the Consumer has received the order.

6.10. In case of goods exchange, the transport expenses are on the account of the Consumer in both directions, except if the exchange was necessary due to the electronic shop.


7.1. All the information published on the Blackbetty.com site is property of Blackbetty Limited including articles, pictures and descriptions.

7.2. Copying of texts from Blackbetty.com and placing them on other websites and online shops is prohibited without the written consent of Blackbetty Limited.


8.1. The Seller bears the responsibility for defects of the good, for execution of remote sale contract, as well as for refunding of paid amounts. They are obliged to present information on paper copy together with the good assisting the Consumer for exercising of their rights.

8.2. Blackbetty Limited bears no responsibility whatsoever in front of third persons if a person considers information published on the electronic shop as infringing copyright or other intellectual property rights.


 9.1. When a Consumer registers on the electronic shop by creating a profile on the internet page, accepting the General terms and conditions, they agree to receive brochures and/or notifications from Blackbetty Limited on their email, as well as messages concerning orders of goods and confirmations of data changes.

9.2. The Consumer may decline receiving brochures and/or notices on their email address:
9.2.1. Via using the specially prepared internet link contained in any brochure and/or  notification – the button “Unsubscribe”.
9.2.2. Via connecting with Blackbetty Limited to the specified email  help@Blackbetty.com with explicit request for non-receiving of brochures and/or notifications.

9.3. If, after a declining of receiving of brochures and/or notifications the Consumer places an order, it is deemed he again approved receiving brochures and/or notifications.

9.4. Blackbetty Limited reserves the right to choose whom to send brochures and/or notifications to, as well as to remove from its database a Consumer who gave their consent for receiving brochures and/or notifications.

9.5. Blackbetty Limited includes in the brochures and/or notifications only publicity information related to goods sold in the shop.


To qualify for a promo code, the referred person must

(i) be a new customer,

(ii) use a referral link to obtain the promo code and

(iii) make a purchase on http://blackbetty.com in an amount greater than the minimum amount specified in the referral offer prior to the promo code's expiration.

Referring customers will receive a referral credit in their http://blackbetty.com account after the referral is confirmed and the referral credit is approved by a customer service member. Customers are limited to referring two people per household. Referring customers may only earn one referral credit per referred person. In the event a referred person returns a purchased item and their lifetime order value decreases below the minimum purchase amount, the referral credit awarded to the referring customer will be rescinded. Customers may not refer anyone who has an existing http://blackbetty.com account under an alternate email address.

Any abuse of this offer, as determined by us in our sole discretion, may result in the rescission of the referring customer's referral credit and the referred person's promo code as well as both parties' inability to participate in this or future promotions. Referral credit cannot be applied to previous purchases, and is not redeemable for cash. This referral program is subject to modification or termination at any time without notice in our sole discretion.


  1. Every Consumer may send feedback to Blackbetty Limited in order to place questions, make suggestions or receive information.

The present General terms & conditions have been accepted by the owner of Blackbetty Limited and they were last amended on 10.04.2019.



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